SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - While Blackberry suffers, Apple continues to thrive. On Friday, Apple unveiled its two brand new iPhones. In San Diego and around the world, people lined up overnight for a chance to be the first with an iPhone 5C or 5S.

If any company is the king of anticipation, it's Apple.

"I've never waited in line for anything like this, just the energy and to be a part of it," consumer Joey Armstrong said.

Joey wanted the new iPhone for two reasons. One, he broke his old one, but he also admits the new features are pretty cool. So he waited in line one hour at the Fashion Valley Apple store.

"It's pretty crazy, I expected a line but I didn't realize, I thought it would just be this... didn't know we had to go all the way down there," he said.

There were also old Apple vets like Elizabeth Westman, who couldn't wait for the new fingerprint recognition feature.

"I was front of line for the very first iPhone, and I haven't really done opening morning since then, but it's always exciting. No matter the time of day people coming and talking about their phones," she said.

The new phone also boasts a faster processor, new operating system, a better camera and several new colors. Apple is hoping the new gadget drives sales. Despite all the publicity Apple gets, their global smartphone market share has dropped to just 13 percent.

In New York at Apple's flagship store, the lines were horrendous.

"I was very fortunate to be number one. I had waited 15 days though," consumer Brian Ceballo said.

The big release day wasn't all fun and games. In Pasadena, a scuffle broke out outside an Apple store, and many tried to skirt the rules. One man says he operates a business that buys iPhones and sells them overseas for a hefty profit. He paid people to stand in line and get vouchers for him that he then used.

"It's not illegal, it's not against the law. I'm buying them at full retail price," he said.

Others weren't happy, and he had to be escorted away by police. No matter how you describe it, the big release was definitely surrounded by excitement.

As for investors, Apple stock took a slight hit, ending the day down one percent.