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Coyote sightings on the rise in San Diego beach area neighborhoods

Neighbors in one La Jolla neighborhood said coyote families are living near a popular bike path.

SAN DIEGO — Coyote sightings are becoming more common in beach area neighborhoods in recent months and years. CBS 8 spoke with neighbors in one La Jolla neighborhood who said coyote families are living near a popular bike path.

“Some neighbors of ours right up in these houses here, they hear them all the time just below their house, like a yipping sound,” said David Gray, who lives near the La Jolla Bike Path near Nautilus Street behind San Diego Fire Station 13 across from La Jolla High School. 

“I saw one a week ago today about 100 yards down and up at the top of the hill below a house,” said Gray. “My wife saw two coyotes up on Mañana Place, which is about four blocks up the hill and not particularly near the canyons.” 

Gray is not the only one seeing coyotes. The Nextdoor app is full of posts about this topic, many describing sightings in La Jolla and Pacific Beach during recent months. 

“Now, we’re hearing about actual families living here, you know, dens and all that, young ones and walking around in groups,” said Gray. 

CBS 8 talked with a wildlife expert, who isn’t surprised coyotes are living in these urban areas. 

“Coyotes are one of the most adaptable animals there is, and they’re able to survive anywhere, from the desert to the coast, to rural areas to neighborhoods,” said Andy Blue, Campus Director at Project Wildlife Ramona. 

Blue says pupping season is in full effect, which may be why people are spotting coyotes more often during the day. 

“Really, it’s just making sure you’re not leaving dog and cat food out throughout the night especially, but even during the day,” said Blue. “Compost piles, fruit trees, even fountains and pools when it’s hot are going to attract those animals to your yard.” 

He recommends not leaving cats or small dogs outside overnight, or during daytime hours, as coyotes are opportunistic hunters. 

“If you have a small dog that you’re walking on a leash and you see a coyote that appears to be following you, I just recommend picking it up and making noise, yelling, or if you have an air horn, just to make noise, or your keys, for instance, make noise,” said Blue. “Anything you can do to startle them.” 

Meanwhile, neighbors CBS 8 spoke with said it’s important to coexist with coyotes and other animals, but it’s also imperative to keep your pets safe. 

“I would be very careful, of course, with cats, small dogs, but we live in this beautiful place and coyotes are part of this beautiful place and I think they belong here,” said La Jolla resident, Corina Rubio. 

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