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Custody hearing held regarding Maya Millete's three children

While Maya's body has never been found, her husband, and the children's father, Larry Millete, is charged with her murder.

As Larry Millete awaits trial for murdering his wife, Maya Millete - whose body has yet to be found, the fight over who will get custody of their three children rages on.

A custody hearing to discuss the guardianship of the children was held in San Diego Superior Court on Friday, June 2nd.

The hearing lasted just 15 minutes.

During the hearing, the judge granted Maya's sister, Maricris Drouaillet request to modify summer visitation so that she and her husband could spend more time with the children while the kids are on summer break.

Also during the hearing, it was revealed that the six-year-old child is in therapy while the 11 and 13-year-old kids are not.

The children are currently living with their paternal grandparents.

The custody hearing comes as Larry Millete prepares for his trial which is now scheduled for October. 

More than two years have elapsed since then-39-year-old Maya Millete disappeared from the family's home in Chula Vista. 

Since her disappearance, Chula Vista Police Department as well as the FBI have looked into her disappearance and searched far and wide for Maya Millete's body as well as for clues on what happened. 

Meanwhile, the evidence submitted during Larry Millete's pretrial hearing revealed that the couple's relationship was in shambles and that Maya was in the process of getting a divorce. 

The case has garnered widespread attention. 

All the while, the couple's three children have had to look to the court to decide what lies ahead.

That question will soon be answered as the judge will hold additional custody hearings to decide whether they will live with Larry Millete's parents or  Maricris Drouaillet, both of whom are seeking guardianship.

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