SAN DIEGO — Nonprofit Friends of Balboa Park is raising funds for the restoration of the Balboa Park Carousel. They have raised about $1.9 million of their $3 million to date, and people can donate to support the restoration of the carousel.

The Balboa Park Carousel is one of a handful in the nation that is a menagerie carousel, meaning it has animals besides horses as the rides.  All the animals on the carousel are original, as are the hand-painted murals, the band organ and the brass ring game. 

Ashley Jacobs headed to Balboa Park and learned there are only 12 known remaining operating brass ring games on carousels in North America. The menagerie of animals have all kinds of secrets, for example, the antlers on the reindeer are real, as well as the horse hair on the horse tails.

You can enjoy free rides during a party on Thursday, July 25th, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.