SAN DIEGO — Chuze Fitness is going by a new name starting today. The family-owned gyms will rebrand as Chuze Self Care in honor of Self Care Month. Director of Education and Culture at Chuze Fitness, Farel Hruska says the rebrand celebrates and amplifies Chuze’s mission to maintain not only physical, but also emotional and mental health.

Through their in-club and digital activations, Chuze will now offer: hydromassage happy hours, guided meditations, self-care smoothies, live music in lobbies and live DJs in Group X classes. Select clubs will have Chuze Self-Care Cell Phone Lockers to encourage members to disconnect from phones and connect with themselves during their workout.

This commitment to self care that's accessible regardless of geographic location, income, status is one of the many reasons Chuze has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 4+ years, with growth in membership and locations.

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