SAN DIEGO — Wellness Lounge Mission Bay is the only place you can take Yoga Trapeze classes; the group and private classes differ from aerial yoga in many ways. News 8’s Ashley Jacobs takes you to the center to see how and find out who’s a good candidate for the classes.

She also talks with Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Emily Simpson and former cast member Lizzie Rovsek about Sun Kitten Swimwear, including their new suits designed to empower women of all sizes. The two women also share their advice for taking on haters and online trolls.

Furthermore, ChicExecs lifestyle expert Kristen Wessel showcases products designed to promote healthy habits for every woman.

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If you want more information on any of the self-care items that were shown in the segment, check out Bamboo wearable underwear, The Rooted Co., Olive + M, Active Beauty and Mahina Cups.