SAN DIEGO — A deadly drive-by shooting in La Jolla has raised concerns about teen safety and what role parents play when it comes to unsupervised house parties.

Stephanie Freeman recounted the chaos she saw unfold in front of her home Sunday morning following a huge party that turned fatal.

“When I woke up there were blood stains all the way down my street. I heard the screaming and I thought it was an event at Bishop’s for a while, then I heard the gunshots,” she said.

San Diego police said four young people were shot when someone opened fire on the crowd – wounding three men and killing 20-year-old Nina Silver.

On Wednesday, Freeman used colored chalk to draw hearts where there were once blood stains at Cuvier and Pearl Streets in La Jolla.

La Jolla Deadly Party

“This is just to honor her and the kids who were victims of violence. Usually when there is a shooting there are candles, vigils, and there was really nothing happening here, and I didn’t want to let it go unnoticed,” said Freeman.

Saturday night’s party invitation was posted on SnapChat and received widespread attention.

La Jolla Party

“SnapChat people all over the world knew about this party. It was a big scene and people were probably drunker and more stoned than I’ve ever seen before,” Freeman said.

This party serves as a reminder to San Diego County’s social host ordinance which makes it illegal to provide an environment where underage drinking takes place.

“We just need people to take responsibility to make sure they are doing everything they can to prevent those under 21 from consuming alcohol,” said Lt. Shawn Takeuchi, public information officer for SDPD.

Lt. Takeuchi said punishment includes a misdemeanor charge and a citation could be issued to the adult responsible. Police said that with school out, police are on alert.

“In my experience, yes summertime is when you tend to see a little bit more of the parties that are going on,” said Lt. Takeuchi.

Lt. Takeuchi said it takes involvement from the entire community to prevent underage drinking and substance abuse.

The suspect in Sunday’s deadly shooting has not been captured. A GoFundMe for Nina Silver has raised more than its $8,000 goal.

A statement from The Bishop’s School reads:

"To our knowledge, no members of the Bishop's community were involved in the tragic incident in La Jolla over the weekend. This is heartbreaking for the La Jolla community, and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. 7519 Cuvier is not Bishop’s property. We do rent the adjacent property at 7527 Cuvier from Prince Chapel."

Police have not released a suspect description. Investigators will review surveillance video from the Bishop’s School.