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'It's a really exciting time'| Developers submit bids for the redevelopment of the Sports Arena site

Five companies have submitted their bid to the City of San Diego for how they would redesign the 48-acre property.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Sandwiched between Interstate 8 and Interstate 5, the industrial Midway district has long been an area that San Diego politicians have wanted to redevelop.

Former Mayor Kevin Faulkner chose Brookfield properties to develop new commercial and residential space, green areas, and a brand-new stadium for the Sports Arena site.

However, the deal was scrapped when the State of California found that the city did not include affordable housing in the plan and was in violation of the Surplus land act, putting the redevelopment on ice for more than a year.

But things are looking like they are getting back on track. Five companies have submitted their bids to the city for the redevelopment of the Sports Arena site.

"For the last two months, every group that's been interested in the site has been able to articulate their thoughts, put something together, and today is the deadline to submit." said Dike Anyiwo, the vice-chair of the Midway District Planning group.

It's been a long time coming and Anyiwo is ready to get the ball rolling on redevelopment again. All the bids include affordable housing and show sparkling examples of what the area could look like.

"The housing, parks, open space and the new arena," said Anyiwo. "I'm looking forward to not just the arena and the residence, but specifically how the design incorporates that specific site and integrates that site into the rest of the Middle District."

Just before the deadline, a group named Midway Rising submitted their renderings of the bid.

"What they're really hoping to do is move the stadium to a more accessible area of the midway community," said Samantha Keitt, a spokeswoman for the project. "In order to provide more housing and more green space that the area really deserves and needs."

On Saturday, the 90-day negotiation window between the City of San Diego and the developers will begin. In that time, the city will hash out details a decide which project best suits the neighborhood. 

It’s taken some time but Anyiwo is thrilled that redevelopment is in the cards once again.

"It's a really exciting time to be involved in the community," said Anyiwo. "It feels like we've done all of the foundational work to really see this, this community kind of kick-off."

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