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Encinitas neighborhood considers a new parking permit system for residents

Some residents in an Encinitas neighborhood will soon have to pay for a parking permit if they want to park their cars.

ENCINITAS, Calif. — A new parking system for residential areas could be coming to the City of Encinitas. 

The city council is looking to consider passing a proposal that would require visitors to purchase a parking permit from the city just to park in a neighborhood.

The move comes after homeowners have complained about suspicious vehicles, theft, late night noise and trash in the area.

“At times like these you are concerned. I think we also live in a neighborhood with a lot of children so as a parent my first concern is the safety of the children,” said Daniel Shaffer, a homeowner living in the area for over a decade. 

Some locals are placing the blame on residents at The Resort Encinitas apartment complex that’s nearby.

They say the people there have saturated street parking because of overbooking units.

“We’ve seen an exorbitant amount of cars drive through and park on the street. They're not residents of the street nor friends of residents,” said Shaffer.

However, people living at the apartments call it unfair, they told CBS 8 many of them have work trucks and the complex usually only gives them one parking space with limited guest parking.

“So it's crazy that they are trying to attack these very hard working families,” said one of the residents at the apartment complex,” said Aly Gumeta, a resident at the apartment complex.

They also add that they are already dealing with tow trucks and citations 

The permit system would be enforced from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. and could cost $5 each.

A hearing for the proposal was scheduled for last week, but it was postponed because the city didn’t have a Spanish interpreter.

The next hearing is scheduled for the next city meeting on April 12.

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