SAN DIEGO — Modern dogs are considered man's best friend, but they probably aren't the best at doing chores around the house. Back in the days when humans needed to tend to their own livestock, dogs were their protectors, companions, and herders. 

"Herding is one of the oldest uses for dogs. It saved mankind pretty much," said Terry Parrish the owner of K9 Action Sports in Escondido. "Dogs have always been universal in helping mankind succeed as a species, between dogs and horses we probably wouldn't be at the top of the food chain."   

On Saturday, herding trials were held in Escondido. Dogs of all breeds corraled sheep through various obstacles. Not scaring the sheep and keeping a safe distance are some of the important skills that a dog must develop to become a quality herder. 

Even though we don't need our dogs to round up sheep to survive anymore, the art of herding is more about giving your dog an outlet and strengthening your relationship with your dog.

"Give them a purpose and they're satisfied," says Parrish "It's a good team sport and the dog can't do it without you and you can't do it without your dog."

The trials continue through the weekend at the K9 Action Sports facility in Escondido.