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Explaining California's new laws going into effect in 2020

From cannabis to the college admissions scandal, here is information on new laws in California that go into effect in the new year.

CALIFORNIA, USA — California's Legislature tackled big issues in 2019, and now, residents will see those changes starting Jan. 1, 2020. 

Find out more about the new laws going into effect in the new year and how you will be impacted with the information below. 

2020 new laws | California’s new cannabis laws explained

Two new laws will change how the legal cannabis industry is taxed in California.

California's new gun laws: here's what's new in 2020

Here is what you need to know about three new gun laws that are going into effect in California in 2020.

2020 new laws | Making California more environmentally friendly

From smoking to changes in coastal access, here are the new environmental laws for California.

2020 new laws | What’s new in education in California

New laws will affect school start times, charter schools, cell phone use in school, students with asthma medication and suicide prevention measures in California.

2020 new laws | Here is what's new in the California workplace

Overtime for the gig-economy, agricultural workers, lactation stations, and more. Find out how your workplace may change with new 2020 laws.

2020 new laws | California will stop using for-profit prisons

Gov. Gavin Newsom said for-profit prisons do not reflect the values of California after he signed Assembly Bill 32. The ban will go into effect starting in 2020.

California's new election laws: Here's what's changing in 2020

Non-citizens on government boards, impacts to vote by mail ballots, and potential polling places at college campuses are some of the new laws regarding elections in 2020.

2020 new laws | Cracking down on California college admission scandal defendants

The new law will disallow charitable contributions to be deducted on income taxes from college admission scandal defendants.

2020 new laws: California's new wildfire laws explained

Laws addressing water shortage emergencies, how loss is valued, and firefighters' mental health are coming in 2020.

2020 new laws | California's new money laws explained

Two new money-related laws go into effect in California, including one that helps undocumented students apply for a loan for their graduate degree.

2020 new laws | Clarity to child abuse code in California

Senate Bill 436 would amend Sections 18951, 18958, and 18961.7 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to child abuse.

2020 new laws | Updates to protection for sanitation workers while working in California

The bill adds onto a current law that already protects the drivers of tow trucks, Caltrans vehicles and emergency vehicles.

2020 new laws | Increased advocacy for foster children in California

Starting in 2020, probation officers can help advocate for the foster children they supervise.

2020 new laws | Improving the quality of life for animals in California

They cover circus cruelty, fur items, animal testing, and salvaging roadkill.

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