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Face painters, farm animals, tasty food, rides galore | San Diego County Fair

San Diego County Fair runs through June 8 - July 4, 2022.

SAN DIEGO — "It is all coincidence!" said KC Sangabi, who started painting faces to save up enough money to fix his car. 

"My car broke down. I got stuck over there and there was a rodeo. I set up my paint and everybody loved me! That’s how I became a face painter," said Sangabi.

Now, he’s been painting faces at the fair for 27 years. He’s even painted some celebrity faces, including Prince at one of his concerts.

"Next thing I know, I see this short guy with a robe and it was Prince! Oh, wow! What a coincidence! On stage, everybody saw his face and then everybody wanted their face painted by me," said Sangabi.

Of course, CBS 8  reporter Ariana Cohen had the chance to get her face painted by Sangabi as well. 

"Oh, I love it. Thank you!" said Cohen. 

The San Diego County Fair sponsored by CBS 8 offers many new tasty foods to try. 

"We love the Maui chicken and French fries!" says a visitor. 

Credit: CBS 8

Cohen even tried a cinnamon roll. 

"Hits the spot!" Cohen laughs.

And to burn off all the calories, Cohen shot some hoops and kicked some soccer balls while other visitors played water games and jumped on a variety of thrilling rides. 

All the fun and games don’t end there. Visitors can go see many farm animals like cows, horses and sheep. Guests can also check out a behind the scenes look at horses and riders preparing for competition. 

"We have brought our horses to show a taste and a little bit of what it is like to attend horse shows," said Lindsay Pettingel. 

Once you’ve covered the whole fair, you may want to just kick back and relax with a feet and shoulder massage. 

Who knows, you may come back for another round, but Sanagbi says it may just be a coincidence. 

"It was a coincidence and after a while I loved it! It's also a coincidence how I ended up in San Diego. Life is better to be with people than away from people. It was a blessing because I became a painter," he says. 

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