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Post-pandemic activities: How people in Huntsville are spending their free time

How did COVID-19 shape the hobbies we do today?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — How is your life different than it was a year ago?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced America to be isolated. According to 'We Are Huntsville' co-owner, Amy Jones, this was difficult for people in Huntsville.

"We're so active have been involved with a community calendar for over ten years now Huntsville likes to do things," said Jones.

Children especially had a difficult time with not being able to take part in sports or go to school in person. 

Jones said that people picked up solo sports and hobbies, during the pandemic to keep busy. Now that the world opening up again, people are opting for other  activities. She adds, "Interestingly enough, know that people can do more, they are sort of doubling down on those activities. So, if someone took up cycling last year to be alone or to be in small groups they may join a cycling club."

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Even after the pandemic, people are spending more time at home after investing in pools and outdoor kitchens, and furniture.

Huntsville continued to grow during the pandemic. That means more activities are available now. "So they are going to the camp at Midcity they are going with their families to Stovehouse and hanging out on the lawn with their friends," said Jones.

After a tough year, there were still positives things that came from the pandemic. Jones says, "So it just really just upended folks routine and even though that was really difficult in the beginning I think a lot of people liked that their routine got upset because now they can build new ones."