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Crews rescue woman that fell down canyon at La Jolla Natural Park

The woman was hiking by herself and fell into a ravine.
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO — An open air rescue team in La Jolla on Wednesday night rescued a 60-year-old woman hiker that fell about 50 to 100 yards in the canyon. 

The hike started somewhere around Mt. Soledad, according to David Connor, Battalion Chief for San Diego Fire Rescue Department.. 

At some point, the woman got lost and ended up falling down into a ravine. Connor says the victim called that family member on her cell phone. That concerned family member then called 911 around 5:15 p.m., saying her loved one was lost.

The woman was hiking by herself.

"She was on 'an adventure hike' as she put it," said Connor.

Crews then responded to La Jolla Natural Park at 1899 Valdes Drive. Connor says the area she fell into did not have an established hiking trail.

Crews utilized a helicopter since the canyon was so steep. Connor says it was a difficult rescue since it was dark out, the terrain was rough and the helicopter had limited fuel. 

"It took two attempts to drop that rescue medic into the area, and that was largely due to the visibility and the winds," said Connor.

While the woman didn't suffer any injuries, doctors are still checking her out.