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May Gray: San Diego was the cloudiest city in America's lower 48 for May

For the month of May, 18 days were either mostly cloudy or cloudy.

SAN DIEGO — People in San Diego are used to May Gray, but this year's has been over the top.

In a recent article, San Diego was found to have the cloudiest conditions for the month of May in the lower 48 states. Alex Tardy is a Meteorologist for the National Weather Service and explained.

"For the month of May in San Diego, absolutely. We had 18 days that were mostly cloudy to cloudy. The sun might have come out briefly but most of the days it was cloudy," Tardy said.

That means San Diego had nearly 35% more overcast conditions.

"We normally have 11... so that's 7 more days," Tardy said.

And if you thought the sun was missing for the City of San Diego, you were right.

"We had no days, zero were clear. There were always clouds, we normally have 4 days in May that are clear." Tardy said.

What did that mean for temperatures?

"So, the answer to the question is yes. Nighttime and Daytime was below average," he said.

Tardy says blame it on the weather pattern not changing.

"The Jet Stream didn't retreat as much as normal, ocean water temperatures got down to 52° in April in La Jolla," Tardy said.

You add in weak storms moving through and you have a deeper Marine Layer that's more widespread and harder to burn off. That pattern looks like it will last through June 15.

"So, 10 days from now we see this big H. If it can win out and shift to the West coast, we could see a pattern change with more sun and much warmer conditions," Tardy said.

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