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'David vs Goliath' | Former UCSD doctor speaks out after winning $39M whistleblower lawsuit

Former UCSD oncologist Dr. Kevin Murphy is sharing his story after a jury returned a unanimous verdict in his historic whistleblower lawsuit against the university.

Jayne Yutig, Rocio De La Fe

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Published: 10:11 PM PDT August 4, 2023
Updated: 3:02 PM PDT August 8, 2023

After a two-month trial that centered on a $10 million research donation, a San Diego jury returned a unanimous verdict in a historic whistleblower lawsuit against the University of California. Following the verdict, former UC San Diego department vice chair and oncologist Dr. Kevin Murphy is looking forward to his next chapter.

“It was definitely a David versus Goliath story,” Murphy told CBS 8 in an interview just days after a jury awarded him $39 million. “I'm thrilled that the jury was so attentive. They took this very seriously. They heard all the evidence.”

After a long legal battle between UCSD and Murphy that began in 2015, a jury sided with Murphy 12-0 in his lawsuit alleging wrongful termination and retaliation. 

"I think a lot of faculty across the enterprise, there's 13 centers now can feel it, that's there's some support. If the university won't support, then the justice system will," Murphy said.

Murphy calls the landmark verdict a win for whistleblowers and universities. 

"We need whistleblowers in these organizations. You can't crucify them, character assassinate them, and put federal prosecutors on them, trying to take them out when they're trying to expose something," he said.

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