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Future no longer hopeless for this hopelessly cute otter

"Cinder" now getting round-the-clock care at SeaWorld

SAN DIEGO — A baby northern sea otter orphaned in Alaska just wasn't going to make it in the wild.   The 5-week-old pup was found battered and stranded against the rocks, trapped by strong ocean currents near Homer.  She was dehydrated and underweight, but vets in Alaska say she quickly learned to bottle feed and things got better.  However the Fish and Wildlife Service feared she couldn't be released.  That's when SeaWorld San Diego stepped in.

"Cinder" as she's been named, arrived here on Saturday September 7th.  She's being cared for in the park's sea otter nursery where she must be fed every three hours.  The animal care staff released video of them teaching her how to swim and groom herself.

When she's ready she'll live with SeaWorld's resident female otters, Mocha, Coco, Clover and Pumpkin.  She'll become an ambassador for her species.