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Gas prices hit another record high in San Diego

But could Memorial Day weekend be the most expensive holiday at the pump?

SAN DIEGO — If you haven't planned out your festivities for Memorial Day weekend, its probably because you are searching for the best discounts.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in San Diego County inched up to a new record high Saturday, rising one- tenth of a cent to $6.02. As gas prices hit another record high as we're heading into Memorial Day weekend, could it be the most expensive holiday at the pump?

With inflation skyrocketing and dealing with outrageous gas prices like these it seems nearly impossible to book a vacation. CBS 8 spent the day at a gas station in Kearny Mesa to help you figure out how much it would cost to plan a trip to a couple of popular destinations that the average San Diego driver may consider spending this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

The numbers

For an average driver with a 14 gallon fuel tank, you could be looking at paying about $26 more per fill up this holiday weekend according to AAA. This adds up to about $90 dollars to fill up your tank and drive to Disneyland and back to San Diego.

If you plan on staying local, a trip to the beach would could cost an estimated $20, depending on the starting point.

The average price had remained unchanged Friday after increasing for 16 of the previous 17 days, rising 24.4 cents, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

It is 10.8 cents more than one week ago, 27.2 cents higher than one month ago and $1.86 greater than one year ago.

The national average price remained unchanged at a record $4.59.

"The reasons for the increase are not just the (Ukraine) war and some refinery supply issues, but also inflation and competition for resources to produce diesel fuel, which is about 50 cents more expensive than regular unleaded gasoline," said Doug Shupe, the Automobile Club of Southern California's corporate communications manager.

"Memorial Day travel will likely add to the demand for gasoline. The Auto Club expects an 11% increase in holiday weekend travel volume compared to last year."

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