SAN DIEGO — If you thought shopping malls were a dying breed thanks to online shopping, think again. A new study said that most teens and young adults known as Generation Z prefer to shop in stores.

The study conducted by Morning Consult found that the majority of Generation Z – defined as anyone born between 1997 and 2012 – prefer going into stores.

According to the study, 55% of Generation Z females said they like shopping in person. That number is lower for Generation Z men, at 40%. Meanwhile, for all other adults, it was 53%.

“They are researching online, but then they are getting in their cars and they are buying in the store,” said San Diego State Business Lecturer, Dr. Wendy Patrick.

Going to shopping malls is not just about making purchase, it is about socializing, said Dr. Patrick.

“You know we are not made to simply sit in front of our terminals and do everything online. We are meant to socialize, to engage, to get out there and talk to people,” said Dr. Patrick.

A group of Generation Z, ages 17 to 19, told News 8 they agree with Dr. Patrick.

“I personally spend my Saturdays at the mall and spend a few hours with my friends or family,” said one.

According to the group, what they like most about shopping in person is the ability to see products with their own eyes.

“You can try things on and you see if it fits or how it looks and there is maybe a difference if you see a model wearing it online, you can just see it yourself,” said a Generation Z-er. 

The study also found that two-thirds of the younger generation shop for fun once a month – still they are turning to the internet.

About 41% of Generation Z adults said consumer reviews and ratings are important when online shopping. That percentage is even higher for Generation Z women. If you are wondering how they are paying for things, 47% said they opt to use a debit card compared to 30% who use cash.

Three-thousand people participated in the study.