SAN DIEGO — Do you ever feel like you need an escape from the big city but you don't want to drive hours away just to leave it all behind?

A natural getaway from the hustle and bustle of Southern California, Annie's Slot Canyon (also known as the Mushroom Caves) is a short hike tucked away in the San Elijo Ecological reserve. 

For a tiny hike the trail produces a lot of value twisting through tight slot canyons and mushroom caves all while traversing ladders and wooden stairs. This seemingly misplaced experience will have you forgetting your troubles between the tall sandstone walls and entering a state of bliss after climbing to the top where there is no shortage of sprawling views filled with the lagoon and ocean. 

Even if you are not an advanced hiker, this trail is for you. Offering both a moderate and difficult option so all can be included the hike is quick and rewarding. 

There are multiple trail entrances tucked away in the neighboring residential area (We went in at the Rios Ave. Trail head). Sitting at just under a mile and half round trip the entire trek should take about 40 minutes and don't forget your furry friend as leashed animals are allowed. 

So, let yourself escape right here in San Diego and take yourself, your family or your pet on a hike that is well worth the time! 

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