SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County District Attorney's Office, San Diego County Sheriff's Department, San Diego Police Department and the United African American Ministerial Council held a gun buy-back event on Saturday, offering residents a gift card or a skateboard for turning in their unwanted weapons.

The event is intended to honor gun violence victims and simplify the process of relinquishing a gun. According to SDPD, guns turned in at buy-back events are often left unsecured in homes where they no longer serve a use to the owner, increasing the chance they're stolen or used improperly by someone else in the home.

Residents are not asked questions when turning in their guns, which are required to be unloaded and still functional. Weapons should be placed in the trunk of the owner's vehicle before arriving at the event. Law enforcement officers will send all collected weapons to be destroyed, according to SDPD.

The buy-back was held at the Encanto Southern Baptist Church, located at 6020 Atkins Ave. Residents who choose a gift card in return for turning in their guns will receive $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons.