Luckily, 99 percent of the germs in the world can't harm us, but the other one percent can be annoying, uncomfortable or downright scary. In order to win the war on germs in your household, first you need to know where to look. Here are's top five germ hotbeds.

Number five on the germ hot spot list: dish towels. Although sponges soak up the germs, reports dish towels are just as dangerous, and that seven percent of kitchen towels tested positive for life threatening staph bacteria. Solution: stick to paper towels when wiping the countertops. They're pricey, but clean. Use a dish towel to dry dishes only, and then wash them twice a week.

Number four on the germ hot spot list: vacuum cleaners. Considered meals on wheels for germs, many test positive for e.Coli. Solution: change your vacuum cleaner bag often, and do it outside to avoid a cloud of bacteria.

Number three on the germ hot spot list: your welcome mat. It quite often tests positive for coliform, which can include fecal bacteria. Solution: spray the doormat once a week with fabric-safe disinfectant, leave your shoes at the door, and avoid setting your groceries down on the mat as you open your door.

Number two on the germ hot spot list: your garbage disposal. Raw chicken, you name it - bacteria beckons below. In fact, reports your kitchen sink contains 1,000 times more bacteria than your toilet. Solution: go to war with that slimy rubber gasket. Soap and water are not enough. Watered down bleach is your big gun.

Which brings us to your kitchen faucet. It's your number one germ magnet. Just think about all the water your family uses, and the last time you swapped out or cleaned the aeration screen. Solution: once a week, soak the screen in diluted bleach, making sure after you replace it, you let the water run for a few minutes before using the faucet. This ain't Colorado.

In case you're wondering, car dashboards and cell phones are also high-germ items that need regular cleaning.