SAN DIEGO — On Saturday, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice opened a new chapter in San Diego to help San Diegans whose lives have been impacted by violent crime.

Tinisch Hollins, the state director of CSSJ, said, “Being in a community with survivors who have, unfortunately, walked through horrible circumstances, but are committed to their healing journeys has been a huge part of my recovery and family’s recovery."

Elizabeth and Carlos Munoz will lead the San Diego chapter. Their only child, Carlos Jr., was murdered nearly four years ago. The couple was inspired to help others going through tragedy.

“When we went through this, we did not know about the services available in the community. We did not have support that we needed,” said Elizabeth.

The couple started driving across southern California meeting other families.

“When we first started, it was about keeping our son’s memory alive. Now it's about healing others,” said Elizabeth. 

The organization has chapters across the country, and not only do they connect survivors with resources, but they also advocate for legislation. 

“We are able to lobby and have our voices heard to change the laws for victims and families that are suffering,” said a member of the group. 

“If my son were still alive, I could guarantee he would be doing good. That is what we are about,” said Elizabeth.

California's CSSJ sixth chapter will launch in Fresno next month.