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High school proms and graduation parties come with serious warnings for students

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

SAN DIEGO — Though proms and graduation are exciting events for teenagers, it can also be the most dangerous time for teens when it comes to traffic deaths. 

Teens are more likely to die in a traffic accident than their parents. The national Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths.

“And also the statistics show that nearly 1 in 5 of teens who die in a fatal crash had been drinking,” said Doug Shupe, from AAA. 

'Mother’s Against Drunk Driving' says driving under the influence was on the downward trend until the pandemic. 

During occasions such as graduations, often times parents allow teens to drink.

“Even with any other substance, you wouldn’t consider giving them a little bit, but why do we do that with alcohol? It’s the #1 drug of choice for youth. It’s easily accessible and generally accepted as society, so we want to make that zero tolerance known," said Melissa Estelle, from MADD.   

High School students Kylee Edwards and Luke O'Neil understand, it’s never okay to drive under the influence.

"It impairs you and you can't make good decisions," said O'Neil.

The teenagers from Carlsbad High School took a limo with a bunch of friends to their prom at the U.S.S Midway.

"We were just chill, we didn't drink at all," said Edwards.

“Where all at risk. Quite often there are teens who are inexperienced making bad decisions behind the wheel. When these fatal crashes happen that involve a teen driver It unfortunately kills someone else in another vehicle," said Shupe.

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