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Pacific Beach historic home gets extreme makeover

A historic home that neighbors in Pacific Beach once called an eyesore has a new look. After selling for $1 million, the new home owner did some extensive repairs.

SAN DIEGO — In love with the classic look of his 1,750-square foot, barn-style roofed, colonial-designed home, real estate developer Ramin Karimi is relieved the major renovation is over.

“I saw the style, I really loved it. I’m from Iran and love history and older things, so this brings to memory all the old movies that I used to watch,” said Karimi, who resides in El Cajon with his wife and family.

Going inside the home is like taking a step in decades past as the house is situated on the corner of Grand Avenue and Jewell Street and was built in 1906. It even has the classic pictures of Pacific Beach 's past to prove it.

“All of the doors are still original, even the handles,” Karimi said.

It is a much different look from last year when the home fell into disrepair and neighbors complained of it being an eyesore. The classic house was boarded up, filled with trash and sat vacant until Ramin purchased it for $1 million and put in $250,000 worth of repairs to restore it.

“Yes I really love fixer-upper's, and especially this one because of the location and because of the style of the house and the character that it has,” Karimi said.

But because the building is designated as a historic home there are certain guidelines Karimi had to follow during his renovation.

“I try to keep everything original, especially the windows from the outside and the siding. We couldn't just tear it down and put the new things in it. We had to match up items with the right color and style,” Karimi said.

What he thought would take six months took an entire year to complete.

“I consider it a good investment because we have this property, and we have the back lot where we can build up to three units in it,” Karimi said.

From a rocking chair to classic wallpaper to adding antiques like a gramophone record player, Karimi was careful on perfecting design details. He wants to put a coffee house in the side yard and plans to rent the home to vacationers for about $400 to 500 per night.

"We are going to see how much demand we are going to have. So far, the neighbors and people passing by give me so many comments and say thank you that I did this, so that is more than enough,” Karimi said.

With the finishing touches underway, the target date to have the home finished and ready to rent out is Aug. 1.

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