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San Diego grocery stores prices rise due to the impact of inflation

Inflation has risen 7% since last year-the highest increase in nearly four decades.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — If you're spending more at the grocery store lately, you're not alone.

Inflation has risen 7% since last year, which is the highest increase in four decades.

But, many staple items have gone up even more.

A government report shows beef prices are up 18% and eggs by 11%.

CBS 8’s Shannon Handy visited several grocery stores to find out exactly how much items cost.

She collected old receipts from several months ago and compared them to prices now.

In August 2021, CBS 8's Abbie Alford paid $4.99 a pound for chicken tenders. The same chicken tenders are now $5.49.

During the same shopping trip in August, Abbie paid $3 for two bottles of Diet Coke. Now, they’re two for $4.

A box of rice was $1.29 and now they’re $1.99.

In September 2021, CBS 8's Keristen Holmes bought a jug of Tropicana orange juice for $6.98. A smaller jug is now $7.99

Meanwhile, some things were actually cheaper than before.

In September, Keristen paid $1.88 for Prego tomato sauce. We found it for $1.50 on sale.

Overall, prices are up and it's unclear how much higher they'll go.

Experts advise people use coupons, stock up when you see a good deal, and shop at stores that tend to be less expensive than others.

The Biden Administration says one of its top priorities is curbing inflation.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve says he may raise interest rates to slow it down.

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