SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Just how much work goes into feeding 2,000 people on Thanksgiving? The Salvation Army is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put together its annual holiday feast at Golden Hall.

For the last two weeks, Salvation Army Head Chef Joe Olmos and his three-person crew have been working 16-hour days, preparing Thanksgiving meals for 2,000 people at Golden Hall.

"Small symphony, you know, we all work like music," Joe said.

The labor of love for the less fortunate features 800 pounds of turkey, 500 pounds of dressing, 275 pumpkin pies and so much more. What's Chef Joe's greatest joy in creating this once-a-year superfeast?

"To look at their faces, how grateful they feel and how they really enjoy the meal that we provide for them. It's just something very special that you feel because it's something that you do for them and you do with your heart," he said.

Ray Tongson has been one of Chef Joe's assistant volunteers over the past eight years. He has nothing but praise for his busy boss, whom he deeply loves working with.

"He's good, he understands everything, he knows what to get during this time. He can turn the pressure into pleasure and at the same time be stressing success," Tongson said.

Chef Joe says he will continue this tradition for as long as he can do it to the best of his abilities.