With mandatory water restrictions for the City of San Diego beginning on June 1, homeowners are looking for ways to save every drop. Now there's a new water saving invention that could cut back your dishwashing water by 70 percent.

Lynne Pratt's water starts and stops, but her hands never touch the faucet. By lightly touching her knee to the cabinet door below, a wireless sensor system tells the water when to flow. The system is called Auto Tap, and Lynne swears it's making dishwashing a delight.

"I like the idea of saving water and not letting just run down the drain," she said.

According to Auto Tap, a family of four saves 22 gallons a day using the product, which is more than 6,500 gallons a year.

San Diego resident Sal Derakhshan invented the Auto Tap after seeing water wasted in his own home.

"I was watching my wife washing dishes and letting the water run," he said.

Growing up in the Middle East, Sal says he learned the value of water when he had to walk to a nearby fountain and carry water back to his home.

"Water is kind of life. Without water, life stops," he said.

Now with Sal's invention, homeowners like Lynne Pratt can savor every drop while feeling like they've gained a third dishwashing hand.

"I can do things with both hands and I'm not leaning over awkwardly turning on and off the water. I think the kids will be fighting over the dishes because it's so much fun," Lynne said.

Sal says it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to install the water tap. The system sells for $149 and can be used with any style faucet.

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