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Is your doctor under investigation? | Examining the CA Medical Board and its discipline of doctors

Numerous doctors in San Diego are currently on probation for various reasons from substance abuse to negligence that contributed to the death of a patient.

Shannon Handy, Dorian Hargrove

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Published: 11:25 PM PST February 21, 2023
Updated: 10:12 AM PST February 22, 2023

Every year, the Medical Board of California investigates thousands of allegations against hundreds of doctors for offenses that range from sexual misconduct, substance abuse, over-prescribing prescription medications, gross negligence that results in injury, and negligence that ultimately ends in death.

Patient advocates and one of the Medical Board's own are now saying the system is skewed and those investigations favor the doctor over the patient. They say the board has rendered itself toothless in its discipline, where investigations take years to materialize and the discipline doled out is more a formality than an admonishment.

According to its most recent annual report, the Medical Board states that only four percent of its investigations end with discipline. The vast majority of those, nearly three percent involve placing the doctor on probation as opposed to revocation of their license. 

In San Diego, it is no different.

Here are only three of the most recent examples of practicing physicians and licensed medical workers who were disciplined and are now under investigation.

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