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Kearny Mesa Park left vandalized with tire marks driven into the grass

People in Kearny Mesa are upset after a local park was vandalized by someone who drove their car through the grass, leaving tire marks behind.

SAN DIEGO — People in Kearny Mesa are upset after a local park was vandalized.

The park, which many say is usually kept in excellent condition, is now covered in tire marks.

"You can fall in it; that’s why we had to go away from it," said Ray Litkenhaus, coach of the San Diego Bengals NFL Flag Football league. 

Several days ago, someone who drove their car onto the field left tire marks behind.

"We came out, and suddenly it looked like a demolition derby in here," he said.

Sports teams, families, and even pets use the ground almost daily.

"You got ultimate frisbee that comes out here; you have other football teams… soccer," added Litkenhaus.

Coach Litkenhaus said this is not the first time it has happened, and the vandalism is more than just eye sore.

"We have to get out of there; this impacts us. We can’t go down that field at all. And when it rains, it makes it even worse because now there are puddles everywhere that we cannot get out of. So it's either practice in the puddles or the ditches," he added.

Dozens of people shared their frustration online, with one person writing, “there is no excuse for this sort of thing."

The marks don’t just have adults upset…even kids who use the field said they're ‘fed up.’

Now the field – which many say is typically in pristine conditions – is filled with mud because of the wet weather.

"It's perfect, this field is always perfect, it's always mowed – it's always right," said Litkenhaus.

Kearny Mesa was not the only park targeted; last weekend, the turf at Jerabek park in Scripps Ranch was also damaged.

A $1,000 reward was issued for any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction (or voluntary surrender) of the person(s) responsible.

The Kearny Mesa Recreation center said if you see vandalism happening, you’re asked to report it to the police.

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