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La Jolla mother of 3 needs rare blood type donations to help fight cancer

It only takes one person with the blood type to help save Stacie Buechel's life. The American Red Cross and San Diego Blood Bank both track rare blood types.

SAN DIEGO — Stacie Buechel is a 47-year-old, teacher, and mother of three children who was diagnosed with cancer in her spine, lungs and tissue last October.  

She must have drug and chemotherapy treatments that require a weekly blood transfusion of around a pint of blood. Doctors discovered she has a blood type missing a certain protein, Kpb, that's found in only 1% of the population. 

At this time there is not any of her blood type available and time is critical.  

Donors are needed that have A+, O+ or O-, blood that does not contain the Kpb protein. 

If you have never donated blood, you could be her match.  Both the Red Cross and the San Diego Blood Bank are affiliated with an organization that tracks rare blood types. If you are a match, it will be detected, and you could save Stacie's life. 

Make an appointment to give blood at  American Red Cross or call 800.RED.CROSS (733.2762)

Make an appointment to give blood at San Diego Blood Bank or call 619.400.8251

There may be a person out there that has not donated blood before with this rare blood type.  Please help share the message to help get Stacie the blood she needs to live.

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