SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Despite a rebound by the stock market, jobs and the economy are taking a toll on the American psyche.

And just when you think things couldn't get much worse, our Larry Himmel has written some economic verse.

It's really not a laughing matter

And just a doggone shame

That all around the country

People play the blame game.


Republicans blame the democrats

The Democrats the GOP.

We lay the blame on Wall Street

And Wall Street blames the Tea.


Some folks say it's Germany

Who just may be at fault.

For helping out its neighbors

By emptying out their vault.


Might be Spain and Ireland

But others say think again

The blame should go China

For being our ATM.


With gas prices soaring

It's easy to expect.

That some will blame gas guzzlers

Others will blame OPEC.


The wealthy blame the entitled

Whose jobs went in the tank

Others blame government bail-outs

Or put it squarely on the bank.


But no matter who's at fault

It will always shake out the same.

The absolute truth is

That we're all a bit to blame.


We got more than a little greedy

Took more than we gave.

Run up way too much credit

We'll be in debt into the grave.


We had a little trouble

Separating wants from needs.

Now we're paying the price

For our obsessive deeds.


We used up all our equity

We lived just for today.

Never once believing

Our 401K would end up MIA.


But now we get the message

We hear it loud and clear.

We face an uncertain future

With trepidation and with fear.


It's a painful proposition

But we're learning to live with less.

Hoping that cutting back

Slowing frees us from this mess.


Even though many of us

Are now living less than ample

Hoping our frugality

Will set some sort of example.


We're all much wiser now

We've learned from our mistake.

We'll never again start spending

More than what we make.


And everyday we spread the word

Time and again the message sent.

If they can't learn to live with less

Put the blame on government.


In the this land of opportunity

Life isn't always what it seems

When all the folks in Washington

Still live beyond their means.