DEL MAR (CBS 8) - The next time you're out and about in Del Mar, keep your eye out for a Grammy-award winning, Country Music Award-winning vocalist.

"I've lived here a long time, over 22 years," Juice Newton said.

The irony for local Juice Newton fans is, although she lives here, she rarely plays here.

"It's funny, I hardly ever work where I live, so the opportunity to actually work basically in town at Sycuan is kind of cool to me," Newton said.

Newton will headline a benefit concert this Sunday night at Sycuan Casino to help raise awareness and fund research for dystonia, a disease that causes uncontrolled muscle spasms and contractions.

Also on the bill will be new age guitarist Billy McLaughlin, who was diagnosed with dystonia in 2001. The former right-handed guitarist had to teach himself to play proficiently left-handed. I interviewed Billy last March.

"I might be the only guitar player you've ever run into that had to learn his instrument two times," he said.

While Billy had to literally reinvent himself, Juice Newton's career continues to thrive by being true to her craft.

"The artist should do what they feel true to," she said.

It's a formula that has allowed her to cross over and back, topping the charts in both country and pop. It's a sustaining career that still keeps her on the road a couple weeks a month.

"Hopefully you pick songs that are meaningful to you, so you can give that gift every time you perform, so it feels true and honest," she seaid.

Sunday night, we have a rare opportunity to see one of our own singn the songs that make her one of a kind.