SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Wending his way through congested calles and feathered nests of Birdrock, Stu Clott has truck, will travel. This door-to-door entrepreneur is ready to work a deal on your two wheels.

"Full repair. We guarantee your 24-hour turnaround on all service," Stu said.

From his Kearny Mesa storefront at Anywhere Bike Repair, Stu fills his rig with every kind of thingamajig.

"Our truck has all the main parts and tools to do anything on the spot," he said. "We can go to your location, home or work and do the service on the spot. If that's not convenient for you, we can pick it up, bring it back to our shop and drop it off to wherever you want."

Anywhere's mobile service has turned their daily business into a bit of a roadside attraction, and along the way has also managed to promote safer maintenance. Folks see the truck out on the street and are reminded it's time for a tune-up, right at their own front door.

"Normal maintenance is more popular for us. We see the customer every three to four months for people who do ride every weekend, because all it will take is a text, a call or an e-mail," Stu said.

Curb to curb and back to basics.

"You want to make sure the wheels are tight and you always want to check the skewers. Front and back. You always want to the check the brakes every ride," Stu said.

Anywhere does work main events, sponsored rides and answer the occasional roadside assistance call, but mostly Stu is all about keeping your rig on the road.

"Normal use. Just air in the tires and lube on the chain every day," he said.

Then simply wash, rinse and repeat. Now why didn't I think of that?