SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Staycations are all about getting far away without going far away. This mountain-high staycation destination truly fills the bill. It's an inexpensive, rustic woods experience that promises true peace and tranquility for the entire family.

Surrounded by all this serenity and natural beauty, it's hard to imagine that this hallowed ground was once the epicenter of life on Palomar Mountain.

"My great grandfather showed up here in 1888 and with the Homestead Act, bought the town of Palomar Mountain," Brad Bailey said.

The remnants of the original post office and general store remain on the property. It's also the location of the Baileys' ancestral home.

"A turn of the century destination resort hotel now set up for groups of friends. When we have weddings, often times the entire family will stay here," Brad said.

But this staycation experience lies on the other side of the fence, down the tree-lined path, through the flowered fields to the campgrounds, where pristine has been painstakingly preserved.

"We're different than public camping, because we do require that there be no generators, no stereos," Brad said.

For $150 per year, a family can stay on any one of Bailey's 10 campsites as often as they want. Spaces are reserved online.

"In effect it's like having your own condo camp that you can come to any time," Brad said. "And then we have lease sites for folks who want to improve their site a little and say a little more long-term.

"We cater ourselves to small families and couples that like a pristine environmental experience, but don't have the time or the inclination to put on a backpack and pack the gear to go to the High Sierras," Brad said.

Campers like Encinitas resident Filippo Colangeli and his son Luka come to Bailey's to share a few Mayberry moments.

"We love the place. I'd say that we are here at least once a month, but possibly twice," Filippo said.

For them, it's convenient camping.

"That's what's beautiful about here, you can actually lease a campsite that is yours. You can have stuff you don't have to organize

And they love what Bailey's doesn't have.

"No quads, no three-wheelers, no two-wheelers," Filippo said.

What Bailey's does have is a fully stocked private lake.

"There are bass, blue gill, red ear, catfish and an animal called 'Old Grandpa'," Brad said.

Bailey's also offers a handful of cabins for rent.

"We have some we've renovated and made available for weekends. They are wonderful in a very old style way," Brad said.

Snake your wan to the top of Palomar Mountain, set foot onto Bailey's Palomar Resort and turn back the clock 100 years. Here, the way