SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Step off Adams Avenue and into Barberside and you'll step back in time.

"We cater to the traditions of the past," Martin Attiq said.

It's inside these cozy confines that Marvin and his staff refine their tonsorial skills.

"There are a lot of people that will come through here and they'll be impressed by the comfort of it the second that they walk in," he said.

The menu isn't fancy, but the execution is elegant.

"You can get a haircut and a shave," Marvin said. "For us, we're not in a rush and we don't rush for nobody. You're going to get quality service."

The luxury hot towel razor shave includes a facial massage. You're slathered in lather for the first pass.

"It is definitely a lost art," Marvin said.

Next, oils are applied for round two.

"Every person who comes in here has a typical barber that suits him," Marvin said.

Barberside applies its own line of lotions and potions designed to both stimulate and soothe.

"You have to be satisfied, and you have to continue to come back," Marvin said.

And if you really want to turn back the hands of time, check out the pint-sized haberdashery in the front of the shop.

"The haberdashery is a gentleman's room where a man can pick up essentials for himself," Marvin said.

Here you'll find a rack of customer-donated old ties.

"If they have a job interview, they can walk out of here for $3," Marvin said.

The haberdashery will even sell you one of their straight razors, though they don't recommend that you try this at home. Besides, the whole luxury hot towel experience at Barberside will only set you back $20.

With the smooth, steady stroke of a single blade, you'll rediscover the shave you will crave.

3506 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 347-1057