SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - In a display case befitting a jewelry store, Bardot unveils its rare gems.

"We have made different combinations that nobody else has ever done. So we have this unique and delicious product," Xavier Briseno said.

Bardot ice cream bars are made from the finest chocolates, laced with the freshest fruits and handcrafted without any artificial coloring.

"It's a very elegant approach to ice cream," Xavier said.

From its ocean view shop on Prospect Street, Bardot serves up 18 different flavors.

"We have vanilla bean, we call it Old School. The Heart of Darkness, which is the finest chocolate you'll ever find. Our mango actually comes from Guerrero in Mexico and it's the finest mango available.

Bardot bars are assembled in layers by hand. Each bar bares a unique logo.

"We have a key and people would say, 'Why do you have a key?' Because the key opens a mystery of what is inside," Xavier explained.

And the difference is in the taste. At Bardot, they are also good to go.

"We made a box with our logo and everything. We put dry ice inside and then we put the bars in, we close it, then this keeps it for 10 hours without melting. So you can take it to a party, to your house," Xavier said.

On display along Prospect Street, you'll find frozen concoctions of affordable affluence. At Bardot you'll find the most stunning treats around, bar none.

1025 Prospect Street
La Jolla CA 92037