SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - This weekend at the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, almost anything goes and almost everyone shows.

"We are featuring 47 galleries from all over the world. We have galleries from Berlin, from Shanghai, from Mexico, from Montreal," Ann Berchtold said. "It's just a way I think to really celebrate what we do here in San Diego to pair artists next to some really world-class international artists."

Just to start you up, it's worth a trip downtown just to check out the amazing artwork of The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood. From the voodoo lounge to the lounge lizards, Mick and the boys are both lionized and demonized by their multi-talented bandmate.

All throughout the exhibit hall, there are thought-provoking, emotion-evoking pieces just mounted to be mulled. Some will make you go "hmmm", others may make you "say what?" Some pieces stand still, others are in constant motion, and almost everything at the Contemporary Art Fair is for sale.

There's some impressive furniture designed by San Diego State students, there's a display of very cool stools and the discount barn that is not to be missed. With prices starting at just $99, I'm told that everything in here is just flying off the shelves.

When it comes to contemporary art, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and they will be holding up through Sunday at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.