SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Inside a pint-sized, self-proclaimed hot dog joint, there's only one question to ask: who's your daddy? If your name is Vanessa or Alexander, the answer is simple. Daddy is the guy on the grill.

"When I was thinking of a name for the place, my children just said, 'Why don't you call it Daddy's Hot Dogs? That's what it is,'" William Schroeder said.

William has been fighting to be top dog on the wiener arena from his 300-square-foot location on University Avenue in Hillcrest since he opened his doors eight months ago.

"I was driving by here and the "for rent" sign was placed out last year, and I drove up and told the landlord I want the spot," he said. "The neighborhood came behind the joint and my family. It's been a blessing."

The New York native has pulled his buns to San Diego and placed beef-fed dreams on a flat steel griddle, which may anger some boiled dog purists, but gives Daddy a pallet to create his own works of art, like the Diego Dog.

"Took the grilled hot dog, put on some grilled onion, and this is a jalapeno relish I make. And on top of this, also another homemade component here is the Russian dressing," William said.

In addition, Daddy's menu includes a buffalo dog and a vegetarian wiener, plus a local variation based on an East Coast theme.

"The Reuben starts off with a beef hot dog, a little heated sauerkraut on top of that, then a little Swiss cheese on top of that," William said.

It's topped off with a little drizzle of Russian dressing. The Shroom Dog is another Daddy's favorite.

"A little grilled mushrooms and onions, a little Swiss and a little old-style steaming method," William said.

"Closing time depends on the day," he said.

After all, Daddy has to take Vanessa to dance recitals and Alexander to scout meetings. At Daddy's hot dogs, kids come first.

"My philosophy is pretty simple. If it's not good enough to go into the mouths of my two children, then it doesn't go into yours," William said.

In one small no-frills kitchen, a father with a flair for franks is out to prove that Daddy knows best.

Daddy's Hot Dogs
1281 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103