SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - When it comes to molding fresh dough into sugary handcrafted confections, Ben Aivati has the magic touch.

"I've doing this for a long time, 42 years," he said. "We have one (donut shop) in Mira Mesa. We've been there for 26 years and we've have one in Scripps Ranch. It's been there 12 years."

Then just two weeks ago, Donut Touch opened in the 4S Ranch neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo, and it's been a frosting feeding frenzy.

"As soon as it opened, it took off just like a rocket," Ben said.

His customers can taste the difference.

"Everything is being made in an old fashioned way, handcrafted, no machine," Ben said.

Just some magic touch variations on some long time faves.

"Maple bacon bars. Those are really good. They are like pancakes," Ben said.

What could make a classic donut better?

We have Reece's Pieces, Fruit Loops, marshmallows and s'mores," Ben said. "We make crossants. Our crossants are wonderful. We make everything here."

Ben calls it happy food.

"We get people who walk in, they start to smile," he said.

And the more the merrier at Donut Touch.

"I love to see the kids come in, dirty the showcase, for their fingerprints on the front door, I don't care," Ben said.

Baking continues all day in this kitchen. The secret of turning the Donut Touch into an instant institution is the dedication of its owner.

I have a passion for it. I enjoy it. You need the human touch for this food," Ben said.

Overnight, the Donut Touch has turned 4S Ranch from dazed and confused to glazed and infused.