LITTLE ITALY (CBS 8) - It's controlled chaos in the kitchen of Karen Krasne's Extraordinary Desserts, where a crafty crew of pastry princesses prepare for the Valentine's onslaught.

"We definitely amp it up a lot. I mean, we really pay attention to everything, whether it's a slice of cake, you're coming in for or a whole cake that you are taking to go," Krasne said.

The decadent desserts baked daily in the Union Street boutique are enough to liberate even the most lethargic libido.

The amore chocolat is guaranteed to float your boat.

"It's a milk chocolate crème brulee that's in between a dark chocolate mousse and it's got a port kind of moistened through the cake layers," Krasne said.

Extraordinary Desserts can hook up you and your hookup the morning after or the night before.

"Both stores are open until midnight throughout the weekend, Sunday night as well, and we are open at 8:30 in the morning," Krasne said.

As a wise man once said, "If you can't be with the one you love, at least have dessert."