SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Like any competent instructor, Marie Davidson is warming up her class -- and our camera lens -- before their workout begins.

Marie Davidson is the owner of Fun Pole Fitness, where the goal is to embrace the pole, and she already knows what you're thinking.

"We don't teach it to teach you how to be a pole dancer at a strip club. We teach you how to get fit and get strong, and using the pole is just a really, really great way to do it," Marie said.

And although Marie will admit she has trained some professionals, Fun Pole Fitness attracts all kinds.

"It's women of all sizes, all ages, all backgrounds, all different kinds of jobs," she said.

They're all there for a workout that takes amazing stamina and complete commitment.

"Women, we don't have strong upper bodies to begin with, so you have to use your upper body. There's no way to fake it," Marie said.

It is sexy, high-flying, gravity-defying and if you would like to try and get a leg-up, just get some pals together.

"Girls night out, bachelorette parties are wonderful, lots of fun," Marie said.

It's a chance to walk a mile in their shoes.

"They get to borrow the stiletto heels. So whenever you take a pole dance class, I have the stiletto heels in the studio, normally a $5 rental. But for the parties, they get them for free right now," Marie said.

And before the end of your class, you'll be hanging inverted from a straddled pole.

"It's a great feeling, it's so much fun," one woman said.

So much fun, I had to try it. One small step for man, one giant leap toward making it rain.

Fun Pole Fitness
2828 University Avenue, #105
San Diego, CA 92104
(858) 232-4047