NATIONAL CITY (CBS 8) - In an unadorned National City warehouse, the future of high fashion facewear is being assembled one pair at a time.

Knockaround is the brainchild of former UCSD grad school art student Ace Moyer.

"I realized that San Diego is always sunny. I didn't have any money because I was a kind of starving artist, and decided I'm going to start at sunglasses company, affordable glasses for artists like me can afford," Ace said.

So Ace formed Knockaround, which offers stylish sunglasses at a cheap price.

"Our most popular ones are called Premiums. It's a really classic shape, classic design," Ace said. "Premiums sell for $14."

But these face fashionistas want to be more than just affordable.

"We also wanted them to be fun. We didn't want them to be cheap, boring glasses," Ace said.

So in addition to adding new colors every month, Knockaround launched a line of limited edition Premiums with runs of less than 200.

"Each one comes with a small egg of Silly Putty," Ace said.

They also come with a sticker that certifies what number your glasses are in that edition. If you don't like what you see online, design your own.

"You can pick all the colors in the pieces of the glasses, both arms, the front, you can choose your lenses," Ace said.

Knockaround glasses have real star power.

"Snoop's worn a lot of different sunglasses of ours," Ace said.

For shizzle, my dizzle, even Snoop gets his shades from National Cizzle.