This is the time when many so-called pundits reveal their predictions for the New Year. Well, he may not be a pundit, but here's what News 8's "pun-ster," Larry Himmel thinks will happen in 2012.

Just days into the New Year,

Tell me how does it feel?

The time's flying so quickly

It's almost unreal.


The year's, rolling by faster

Than a bullet train carriage

Almost as fleeting

As a Kardashian marriage.


But just stop for a moment

And let me delve.

Into some fearless predictions

For the year 2012.


I predict that reality TV's

Next big hit will be

The lives of the Real

Housewives of Santee.


I predict that the Aztec baseball team

Coached by Tony Gywnn

Will switch conferences to the NL West

Where they've got a chance to win.


And the new name for the stadium

I predict with much aplomb

Will be Snapdragon, Jack Murphy,

Syquan, Tilted Kilt, Hooters at Qualcomm.


And between democrats and republicans

I predict solidarity will grow

When some of our current politicians

Meet in their next life down below.


I predict that the fed will tighten

And then start unraveling.

The stock market will rebound

Then get called for travelling.


I predict there will be a 5g phone

Then the 6g that's a steal.

You'll them free at Mickey D's

With every Happy Meal.


I predict some nut will predict

The world is going to end.

For those who follow his path

He'll blame faulty math for being wrong again.


As twitter replaces e-mail

And my peeps all start to tweet

And everyone posts on Facebook

I predict I'll be obsolete.


But I predict that I will still be here

Hope this job never ends

Although if I get much older

I'll be sponsored by Depends.


Of all the things that I predict

I know one that will come to pass.

No matter what happens in this year

It's got to be better than the last.