LOS ANGELES (CBS 8) - In a city where traffic is a nightmare, a company in West Hollywood has come with an eco-friendly way to see the sights of L.A.

It's hard to imagine in a carmaggedon metropolis like Los Angeles, where gridlock is a given, that nobody has thought of this idea until now.

"We are the first bike touring company in Los Angeles. We provide eco-friendly bike tours for those that want to get out and see the city. They don't want to deal with being stuck in traffic.

"Our tours are designed for everyone. So whether you're an avid cyclist or you're just an occasional biker, we have seven different tours that we provide," Danny Roman of Bikes and Hikes L.A. said.

Today Danny Roman and me are headed from his shop in West Hollywood through Beverly Hills and Bel Air to check some stars' homes. Along the way, Danny dispenses tidbits of history.

"Every street in Beverly Hills has a specific species of tree that lines it throughout the entire city, so right now we're on Maple Drive and these are maple trees," Danny said.

The Bikes and Hikes L.A. star tour includes a visit to the famous Greystone Mansion built in the 1920s.

"The Greystone Mansion is the number one Hollywood set piece. That means there's been over 3,000 films, TV shows, reality shows filmed here," Danny said.

Back out on the street, you are soon rolling by the front doors of some of the biggest names in show business.

"The Osbournes had a TV show, their reality show. This was the house that they owned and lived in. They recently sold it, and Christina Aguilera picked it up. So this is her new home. She comes and goes all the time, and she usually waves to us, signs autographs for some people," Danny said.

We roll by Elvis's old compound, and then across the street, there it is.

"This is Michael Jackson's house," Danny said.

How many live shots did we see from this driveway after Michael's death? The house is currently for sale.

The trip, however, concludes on a high note. High as in high price, as you ride down Rodeo Drive.

In the end, pedal power just may be the best way to see L.A.