(CBS 8) - Few neighborhoods have undergone a renaissance like Liberty Station. The former naval training center is filled with new housing, retail shops and restaurants. And now it's home to San Diego's second largest waterfront park.

For some, a walk through Liberty Station's waterfront park is just part of a routine – a place where some come to run and walk the dog.

"It usually takes us forty five minutes to do the whole park, just walk it," said Liz Ramirez with the Corky McMillin Company.

For others, it's a nostalgic trip back to basic.

"The real memories were on the other side of the bridge. Your first five weeks of basic training would be on that side."

The NTC Park at Liberty Station offers an inviting stretch of waterfront recreation. It's a 46 acre waterfront park and the second largest park next to Mission Bay.

The area includes great concrete paths and bike paths, where people can go from one end of the park to the other end. That's where there are hotels and great places to dine.

It's also become a favorite "mommy and me" bonding center. The strollers roll out like wagon trains to enjoy the salt sea air and the leeward breezes, although, the jaunting jury is split on the airport's presence.

"It's nice having the water. Even though, there's the airplane noise, it's not that bad," said one park goer.

"Go way down there and watch the planes take off, and they are right over your head and they're coming right at you. It's the most gorgeous, gorgeous sight," said another park goer.

NTC Park at Liberty Station offers ambiance per excellence.