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Making sense of the census

Making sense of the census

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - From the supermarket to the federal government, these days we're constantly being asked to take part in a survey. That has moved our Larry Himmel to verse.

It's merely a sign of the times
Just a fact of life I guess.
These days most of us are doing more
And we're getting paid less.

Time has become more precious
Our world's turned topsy-turvy.
Which makes me wonder why
We're constantly asked to take a survey.

Whether you stopped at the post office
Or just did some shopping at Penney's,
You're directed to their web site
Lured by the promise of some bennies.

Simply fill out the survey
And tell us how you feel.
Your opinion really counts
So we'll bribe you with a deal.

And if we share our thoughts
Give them our email address too,
You know the store will spam us
Until our lives are through.

So don't ask us to fill out a form
It just makes us hot under our collars.
Want to know how we feel about you?
Well, we vote with our dollars.

Which brings me to the one survey
That we must now all do
To be equally represented
So there's not more me than you.

Let's all fill out our census
It's the least that we can do.
Ten questions in 10 minutes
No cheating off the guy next to you.

See, the government needs to know
Who we are and where we're at.
To find out whether we're more of this
Or actually less of that.

You'll get your 2010 census in the mail
That's really quite nice of them.
'Cuz back in the day folks had to travel by donkey
All the way back to Bethlehem.

But if the government wants the census
To not be just another one of their failures
They ought to offer some incentives
Just like some of these retailers.

Why not give us a 15 percent tax rebate
And if that seems a little extreme,
How about a few free stamps
Or at least a couple of Taco Supremes?

If I filled it out and mail it back
Without causing you any strife,
Will you promise me I won't receive
Government junk mail for the rest of my life?