VISTA (CBS 8) - In the age of innocence, there's still a magic moment for a youngster when a lick of swirled-top ice cream cone is an almost-religious experience. Scenes like this have been a daily occurrence at Pepper Tree Frosty for the past 52 years.

"Mom and dad bought it in 1960, it was actually a Tastee Freeze back then," Danny Villasenor said.

Danny, his wife Linda and son Daniel still run the family business.

"One of the reasons for the success is cheap labor," Danny said.

Actually, Pepper Tree Frosty's success is based on remaining true to its roots, which generates generations of loyal customers.

"It's just great to be part of this community. Vista has been very supportive of our business," Danny said.

The menu remains basic -- burgers and fries, shakes and banana splits. But it's the hand-dipped cones for which Pepper Tree Frosty is known.

"We have three different kinds of cone dip. You can't get butterscotch or cherry cone dip anywhere but here," Danny said.

It's a thing of beauty in the hands of Pepper Tree professionals. Not so pretty in the paws of a rookie.

On South Santa Fe Drive in Vista, hamburgers are cooked, shakes are spun and cones are twirled in a time-honored tradition. More magic moments created by the first family of Frosty at Pepper Tree.

Pepper Tree Frosty
270 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Vista, CA 92084
(760) 726-0732