DEL MAR (CBS 8) - Sprawled over 240 acres in one of San Diego's most affluent ZIP codes, Rancho Paseana is an upscale training facility for the world's youngest and most well-bred athletes.

"Thoroughbreds bred to race are pampered from day one," farm manager Clifford Sise, Jr. said.

Under the watchful eye of Clifford Sise, these horses-in-training are being prepped and preened not only to be race ready, but to win.

"It's the desire in a race horse to run, and they have to have the athletic ability to do it," he said.

Thoroughbreds like two-year-old Ethnic Dancer can be a handful.

"You want an attitude, and he's got an attitude," Clifford said.

And being responsible for the care and feeding of the game's superstars can be stressful, like the time one of America's leading trainers sent two of his best to Rancho Paseana.

"Between the two they are worth about $7 million, that's when your nerves get a little, 'Please nothing happen to them,'" Clifford said.

But there's a real upside to Cliff's job.

"Watching these babies develop, that's the fun part of being out here," he said.

The newborns romp and play in the open fields, spending the first six months of their lives beside their moms. They are totally cute and curious.

"They are full of promise," Clifford said.

On a majestic morning in the rarified air of Rancho Santa Fe, under the spell of these amazing equine athletes, they all look like winners.