SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Two Salty Sisters with a proclivity for making candy have discovered the sweet taste of success.

Leucadia native Gretchen has always dabbled in it.

"I made candy for years as a hobby," she said.

Lisa was born into the business.

"My grandpa Dino and Nancy Rabo, they started a candy business in Chico and then my father and mother took it over," Lisa said.

Using Lisa's family toffee recipe combined with Gretchen's caramel recipe, the women started making and selling small batches to friends and business associates.

"One of my co-workers tried it and said, 'You know, this would be really good with sea salt,'" Gretchen said. "And as soon as we sprinkled the sea salt on it, it was out of this world."

The Salty Sisters sea salt candies are almost sinful.

"People cuss at us, it's so good," Gretchen said.

"We call it having a moment. We're like, have your moment, we'll get back to you. We'll give you some privacy," Lisa said.

The Salty Sisters are still a few months away from getting their own retail store. So their sea salt candy is sold at Cardiff's Seaside Market, various farmers markets and mostly online. Gretchen and Lisa remain very hands-on.

It's a mix of time-honored recipes and alchemy. These Salty Sisters sell sea salt sweets by the seashore.

"We call it a bit of sweet California sunshine kissed by sea salt," Gretchen said.